Florida Chapter One
Port Charlotte, Florida
Chartered April 20, 2010
April 20, 2010: On this day, Chapter One Port Charlotte, Florida, 33981 is hereby chartered as a chapter of Patriot Riders of America. Chapter One Port Charlotte, Florida shall be forever listed as founding chapter of the state of Florida.

President: Anthony "Cooz" Cuozzo   941-286-9973
Vice President: George Leone Jr. 
Treasurer: David Saunders
Secretary: Melissa "Missy" Morin

Public Relations Officer: Donny Long 

Chairman:  Mike "FM" Krause

Webmaster: David Saunders
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Massachusetts Chapter One - New England
Newburyport, Massachusetts

President: John Pigsley
Vice President: Fred Hardy
Treasurer: Brenda Ward
Secretary: Jessica Paiva
Chairman of the Board: Steve Pelletier
Board Members: Jim Horne, Steve Morris, Carlos Fernandez, Rick Fanning, Michael Britt, & Ron LeMay

President: John Pigsley
Telephone: 978.238.8151
Mailing address: Patriot Riders-NE, P.O. Box 1414, Newburyport, MA 01950
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Massachusetts Chapter Three
Gardner, Central Massachusetts

Chartered September 11, 2010

President: Jack McGrath
Vice President: Floyd Fairbanks Jr.​
Treasurer: Pamela Fairbanks​
Secretary: Crystal Bean​
Sgt. at Arms: Neil Goguen
Road Captain: Andrew Woodard
Event Organizer: Bryan Wickman​
Webmaster: Mike Dora
Recruitment Officer: Steven Gray
President: Jack McGrath
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Massachusetts Chapter Five
Fall River, Massachusetts

President: Warren Jones
Vice President: Paul Adamo​
Treasurer: Ana Adamo​
Secretary: Paula Jean
Sgt. at Arms: Ed Demoura​
President: Warren Jones
Telephone: 781.953.3830
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Maine Chapter One
Sanford, Maine

Chartered September 14, 2011
September 14, 2011: On this day, Maine Chapter One is hereby chartered as a chapter of Patriot Riders of America. Maine Chapter One shall be forever listed as the founding chapter of the state of Maine.

President: Lucas Allen
Vice President: Dale Nason
Treasurer: Deborah Beal
Secretary: Tracey Belle
Sgt. at Arms: Rob Perkins
Road Captain: Adam Chase

President: Lucas Allen
P.O. Box 1259
Sanford, ME 04073

Maine Chapter Three
Palmyra, ME. 04965

President - Jamie Switzer
Vice-President - Nick Tilas
Treasurer - Kristen Switzer
Secretary - Lucinda Tilas
Sgt. at Arms - Terry Hicks


Illinois Chapter One

506 Illinois St

Carmi, IL 62821

President: Frank Haught   618-383-1972


Iowa Chapter One

​Wisconsin Chapter One

​Campbellsport, WI  53010

President: Kevin Kutz          920 238 5339
Vice President: Eric Sabish    262 483 0604
Treasurer:  Crystal Sabish    262 343 2323
Secretary: Jamie Koentopp   920 464 0689
Public Relations: Mark Nesbitt   920 517 4184
Chairman: Larry Diels   920 238 3172